Hotel FAQs

All right! In our most recent post, we let you know that the hotel room block is now open for reservations. Of course, we knew we would be fielding questions about this, and they’ve already come pouring in! It’s great that you all are as excited as we are to be on the East Coast; Rhode Island, here we come! (No pun intended, of course.) We will update this post as more questions come in, so please check back if you run into any other hotel issues.

I can’t book that far ahead! What do I do?
Some guests have had trouble making their reservation online into 2017. Unfortunately, this seems to be inconsistent, and we’re not exactly sure how to fix that at this moment. While we work on a solution, our best advice is to try another browser. Of course, you can also always call the hotel directly at 401-732-6000 and book over the phone. Just remember to mention our group code BIS!

Why is there a two-night minimum stay?
We have contracted the entire hotel for Friday and Saturday nights. (All BishounenCon all the time!) That means we’re contractually obligated to fill those rooms for at least those two nights. We hope that you will stay and enjoy the entire convention with us, and if you try to book either Friday or Saturday night separately, you will be required to also book the other night when you use our group code.

Hotel Room Block is OPEN!

Our hotel room block at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Warwick, Rhode Island, is now open! You read that right! Please book your room with a discounted rate by clicking here or calling the hotel at 401-732-6000 and using the code BIS.

For more information about the hotel and rooms available, please visit our Hotel Information page.

YaoiCon announces BishounenCon, an East Coast “yaoi+” convention

Gardena, CA, USA — March 17, 2016 — YaoiCon, the only Western fan-focused convention dedicated solely to the yaoi genre of Japanese anime and manga, is proud to announce a new endeavor on the East Coast in honor of its 15th year. BishounenCon, an 18+ yaoi+ convention for fans of boys love, yaoi, and LGBT comics and media from all around the world, will debut March 3-5, 2017, at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Warwick, Rhode Island.

“‘Yaoi+’ means we’ve taken our love of yaoi to the next level and with BishounenCon have focused on LGBT characters and romantic relationships in comics, cartoons, television, and more from all over the world, including Europe, the Middle East, and (of course) Japan and the United States,” said Viannah Duncan, director of BishounenCon 2017. The convention is named for “bishounen”—the Japanese word for “pretty boy(s).”

Attendees of the new convention will be able to enjoy up and coming artists and authors, independent publishers and production companies, and talented actors and voice actors. While YaoiCon focuses specifically on yaoi, BishounenCon broadens that directive and welcomes all types of comics, animation, and media that celebrate love and romance between men, including both modern and historical art and literature. BishounenCon aims to include a scope and feel reminiscent of YaoiCon but will also present some brand new events, including a formal ball and a lounge rest area.

“Though BishounenCon is a new convention, we have the support of the successful, longer-running YaoiCon,” Duncan said, “and we are hoping to have an amazing first year.”

The Crowne Plaza Hotel is conveniently located close to the T.F. Green Airport in Providence, and free shuttle service is offered between the airport and hotel. Rooms can be reserved beginning April 2nd using the convention code BIS and are $139/night until the BishounenCon room block is full. The convention is working with the hotel to provide overflow rates at the nearby Holiday Inn Express should that become necessary. Badges, industry booths, and artists’ tables will be available on the website beginning in August.

About YaoiCon and BishounenCon
San Francisco-based YaoiCon and its younger Northeastern counterpart BishounenCon are committed to celebrating yaoi, boys love, and male/male romance in comics, animation, and popular culture. For more information, visit or email


Staff Application is up!

Have you staffed other anime, comics, or gaming conventions? Do you have a passion for queer comics and media and want to share your passion with other fans? Do you love beautiful men? Are you (relatively) local to the convention hotel or willing to travel? If you answered yes to two or more of the above questions, please head over to our Staff Application and apply to help create the greatest LGBT convention the East Coast has ever seen!

(Images above from YaoiCon 2015. On the left, bishounen interact with attendees. On the right, staff members prepare for an evening event.)

Welcome to our brand new East Coast convention!

We’re excited to announce a creation from the boys love-obsessed YaoiCon management and staff: BishounenCon, a convention both familiar and new especially for YaoiCon fans on the East Coast! Many of our fans who don’t live on the West Coast have asked when we’ll be bringing YaoiCon to them. The answer is: we’ve got something even better! We’ve created an 18+ convention just for you. (Of course, West Coast fans are always welcome, too, as East Coast fans are welcome at YaoiCon!)

Come celebrate our 15th birthday at YaoiCon 2016 and then head over to Rhode Island for some great BishounenCon fun in early March 2017, just in time for spring break!