Early Arrivers Welcome Party
Friday, noon-2pm
Get in a little early? Come meet your other attendees and get the weekend started with some low-key socialization.

Opening/Closing Ceremonies
The names really speak for themselves. It’s BishounenCon’s chance to thank our attendees, our guests, and our lovely volunteers. Don’t be the last one to know things, ceremonies are important for a reason, so be present or you’ll have to hear it through Facebook, Tumblr, or Twitter.

Host Club – Friday Night
Come meet, socialize, and drink with our handsome Bishounen at the Friday night Host Club! Gaze through our specially designed Lookbook and pick out the bishounen that best suits your tastes. Megane, bara, tall, short, we have got your man! Like traditional Japanese Host Clubs, drinks can be purchased (alcoholic or non-alcoholic) to get to spend your time flirting away with your Bishie. What better way to start you weekend than with handsome men whooing over you?

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Masquerade Ball – Saturday Night
Who doesn’t love costumes? The makeup, the luxurious fabric, the wigs, the shoes…what’s not to love? Come strut your stuff across our stage and take a turn at showing us your assets~! Dance lessons will be available before the ball, come practices with the bishies and wow everyone on the dance floor. Our special guest Fox E. will be our lovely host for the evening to entertain and join in the festivities of our formal ball.

Swap Meet – Saturday Night
We encourage you to bring in your gently used goods to make new friends and profit in our Swap Meet! Please limit your offerings to new or used commercial items (imported doujinshi are also okay). Although we understand that some people have been successful in bartering with Pocky and Ramune, cash is still king at this event. PLEASE NOTE: Live pornography, anime/music/scanlations made into VCD, DVD, or CD, and photocopies of manga or doujinshi aren’t allowed. BishounenCon reserves the right to have our Staff ask that items be removed if they’re unsuitable for sale.

Con Feedback Forum
Sunday, 11am-noon
Bristol A
Give us your comments and criticism about this year’s con as well as ideas for next year.

Bishounen Bingo – Sunday
Bingo! We’re bringing this time-honored tradition from YaoiCon to BishounenCon! Per tradition, not only will there be a multitude of stupendous prizes, but a multitude of scrumptious lads too! Where else can you play Bingo and have lovely male specimens stripping for your viewing pleasure? This is not your grandma’s version of Bingo. Unless of course, your grandma attends YaoiCon. Which we totally encourage and support.