Cosplay Contest
BishounenCon will be hosting an informal Cosplay Contest at the Masquerade Ball Saturday evening. We encourage everyone to wear their cosplay, costume, or best formal attire at the ball. Halfway through, our host Fox E. will ask attendees to join her on stage to strut their stuff! Prizes will be awarded to the audience approved winners and most of all, you get to show off your talents to everyone!

Dramatical Murder Cosplay Meetup
Saturday, 4-5pm

Free! Cosplay Meetup
Friday, 5-6pm

Haikyuu Cosplay Meetup
Friday, 8-9pm

Osomatsu-san Cosplay Meetup
Saturday, 10-11pm
Fans of Osomatsu-san gather to take pictures and show off your awesome costumes.

Touken Ranbu Cosplay Meetup
Friday, 7-8pm
Interested in Touken Ranbu cosplay? So are we!

Yuri! On Ice Cosplay Meetup
Saturday, 1-2pm

Zack the Ripper’s Cosplay Makeup Tutorial
Saturday, 3-4pm
Special guest Zack the Ripper will demonstrate tips and tricks for using makeup as part of male cosplay.

Any impromptu gatherings are encouraged as long as they do not hinder the hallways in any way.

We are currently searching for a head of cosplay events. If you are interested in applying for the position, please fill out the Staff Application form.