Masquerade Ball

BishounenCon’s Masquerade Ball will be a fantastical night of fine arts, lore, and ethereal fashion, centered in a beautiful ballroom venue. Bring your best ballroom gown, your corsets, your wigs, fairy wings, or even horns to this cosplay-themed masquerade. Get in with your BishounenCon badge and your most elaborate cosplay or even a period piece, and dance the night away with our special guest DJ, the lovely Fox E. Kim.

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Along with our lovely host, we will have our Bishies and their wild antics to keep guests company.

Dress code is semi-formal to formal, which includes closed-toe shoes (don’t want to be stepped on by anyone’s heel or hoof!), and cosplay is heavily encouraged. Similarly themed events like Labyrinth of Jareth and Myth Masque have many examples of fantastical formal wear if you’re still unsure or need inspiration! Attendance guarantees a spot in our three raffle prize drawings, though additional tickets may be purchased for better odds! Want even better chances at winning one of our prizes? Enter the cosplay contest on stage at no cost, where the crowd will decide who has the best costume of the night.

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Both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks will be served at the bar, if you are so inclined. We know we are! Worried about your two left feet? Don’t worry, we have partnered with a top, local dance studio and will be providing dance lessons in the ballroom an hour ahead of time. Music will be a classy mash-up of nerdy themes and modern hits. Share your playlists with us on the BishounenCon Facebook page here! Purchase your badge here so you don’t miss this masquerade.

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