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Interested in what’s on the docket? Here’s a taste of our awesome, fun-packed schedule.

Anime Killed the Manga Star
There’s a wide world of manga out there, but not all of it gets the chance to be made into anime. Find out about some hidden gems that just didn’t make the cut.

Audio Drama Bonanza
Discussion of audio dramas, both Japanese with popular seiyuu (including smutty BL drama CDs) and English indies in the same vein. Includes CD giveaway (JPN & ENG)!

Avialae and Thistlewine: 2 Gay Webcomics 2 Fast 2 Furious
Follow Lucid (Avialae) & Jack (Thistlewine) on the painful but rewarding experience of creating gay webcomics. There’ll be a Q&A session & a giveaway.

BDSM 101
An introduction to the world of bondage, Domination/submission, and sadism/masochism.

Bishounen After Dark
Our bishounen spill their secrets in this after-hours tell-all. May start a few minutes late as our boys recover from the Host Club.

Bishounen Kakashi’s Yuri! On Ice
Yuri! on Ice, the winter 2016 anime phenomenon, took the world by storm. Join us as we celebrate this history-making series.

Bishounen Life Drawing
Bring your sketchbook and practice life drawing on our lovely Bishounen.

Breaking The Seme/Uke Dynamic
Ever wonder where those smoldering seme and blushing uke come from? This panel talks about their history and where they’re going!

But I Like Physical Manga!
Physical manga is EXPENSIVE! Let’s discuss the advantages of buying yaoi digitally, the best sites to buy from, and format and device options.

But We’re Both Guys: Unpacking BL Cliches
“I’m not gay, you’re just special!” “It’s not like I like you, BAKA!” Where do these cliches come from? This panel explores these tropes.

Character Development in Fiction
Learn how to go beyond the standard tropes when writing queer characters in fiction.

Costumes, Cosplay, and Characters
Wearing a costume can be more than just putting on a fancy outfit. It gives you the opportunity to truly inhabit the life of a character. By researching what was worn by your character you can learn a lot about who that person is or was. Learn how you can find greater depth in your cosplay or role play through costuming!

Creating Webcomics
Discussion of webcomics: process, publishing, audience, community.

Do I Need An Editor?
The different types of editors/editing and how to choose what type you need, how to find the right editor for you.

Ears & Tails: Anthropomorphic Fandom & Yaoi
Cat boys? Bunny ears? Wings? This panel will discuss animal characteristics and themes in yaoi anime and manga.

Gay Life: Fact vs Yaoi
Yaoi gets a lot of details wrong about gay life. This panel will cover dating, coming out, and more.

Gay Sex 101
Ever wondered about the nitty gritty of what happens when real men have sex? Our panel of gay men will answer all your questions! All of them!

Guys That Suck: An Intro To BL Games
Dramatical Murder isn’t the only BL game out there! Join us as we explore the world of BL games and explain how you can get your hands on them!

Come discuss the sports manga/anime phenomenon that is Haikyuu!!

History Of Bara
This academic panel will discuss the history of bara manga and its influences. We will trace the genre’s evolution from the gay bars of postwar Japan up through the current manga-saturated society. Topics will include the influence of real world events that shaped bara, such as the sexual revolution of the 1960’s, and the currently increasing gay acceptance and visibility in mainstream popular culture, as well as manga trends, like the rise of yaoi, and the gachimuchi explosion that continues into the present day.

History of Yaoi
Discussion on how yaoi started as a genre and evolved in Japan and how it spread to the West.

I’ll Show You A Battery
It didn’t just start with Yuri On Ice—go on a journey as we visit the sports section of BL.

Intro to Blogging
Discussion on how to run a blog and set up a website, as well as answering any audience questions about blogging.

An Intro To Sports Anime
Join us as we explore the wonderful world of sports anime! We will introduce several popular titles, and audience participation is encouraged!

Talk about your favorite LGBTQ computer/video games.

LGBTQ+: Going Beyond Gay
We’ll discuss the genders and orientations that go beyond gay males. Everything from agender to bisexual is fair game.

Lucky Juice: Doujinshi Adventure
Join Lucky Juice on an adventure in making doujinshi! We’ll go through our process & give you sick tips ‘n tricks. Plus a Q&A session & a giveaway.

Marketing Your Media
Talk about how to market your comics/book/yourself using social media and your website.

Morphsuits! Should I Cosplay That?
This will be a humorous discussion about the fad and how it came about being popular at anime conventions, outdoor events, and parties. Will look at different cosplays of the morphsuits and how everyone can have fun with them.

Music To My Ears: An Intro To Male Idols
Since the rise in reverse harem anime in recent year, Male Idol Anime have started popping up more and more each season. Join us as we explore just what makes these shows so popular and discuss which shows were able to rise above the rest.

The Touken Ranbu Phenomenon: BL Edition
What the heck is a sword boy? Since its debut in January 2015, Touken Ranbu has exploded in popularity and influence in Japan. Now 1000% more sinful.

Queer Cons Near You
Come learn about other East Coast cons catering to the LGBTQ+ crowd.

Queer Paranormal: You Thought It Was All Shifters
Shifter stories crowd paranormal fiction. But is there more to queer paranormal? Explore queer paranormal from ancient tales to modern influences.

Shipping With Actual Pirates: One Piece
Let’s talk about the mega hit One Piece, the ships, the fandom, and more.

So You Want To Make A BL Game
Come learn about the indie visual novel development process for BL and queer-inclusive games! See what’s involved, and some games being made today.


Webcomics Worth Reading
Come talk about your favorite queer webcomics.

World History of Homosexuality
From the cradle of civilization to the modern day, an overview of how homosexuality has been conceptualized by different cultures throughout the ages.

Writing Sex
Want to make your smut extra steamy? Our panel of authors will give you tips to make your writing sizzle.

YaoiCon Info Panel
Never been to YaoiCon? Interested in learning more or in hearing about what’s coming up for this year’s con? Stop by for a sneak peak of 2017’s con.