Social Events

Bishounen Meet & Greet
Get to know our gorgeous bishounen in an informal meet & greet.

Euphemism Bingo
We’re handing out tasty treats to the winners of this not-safe-for-life game of bingo.

Hankey Code Hide & Seek
Hankies have been hidden throughout the con all weekend long! Collect the most and win prizes…tell us what they mean and win more! The game will kick off during the Early Arrivers Welcome Party. Prizes will be awarded 3pm Sunday in the Atrium.

Iron Smut
Think Iron Chef but with Yaoi. Contestants will be given a stack of ‘ingredients’ to make a story.

NSFW Mad Libs
Help fill in the blanks for some spicy stories of wacky romance.

Pimp Your Ship: BishounenCon Show & Tell + Fic Recs
Got the best art, goodie, or licensed gem of your OTP this weekend? Show it proudly and share your fandom recs while you’re at it to spread the love.

Project Runway: Bishounen Style
Do you have what it takes to create the latest in Bishi style? Two teams will face off and compete in the ultimate fashion contest in front our judges.

Queer Speed Mixer
Come make friends! We accept all orientations.

Rice Krispie Bishies
You’ve always known your favorite Bishie was mouth watering, now manifest your tasty dreams in this Rice Krispie Treats decorating workshop. Limited treats & materials provided.

Swap Meet
Got manga, DVDs, and other collectibles to get rid of? Trade ’em with other fans.

Yaoi Bedtime Stories
Bring your pajamas! Our performers will ready you for bedtime with some steamy fanfiction.

Yaoi Coloring
Join us for some not-safe-for-work coloring.

Yaoi Explained Badly
We provide the titles, you provide the descriptions. Badly.

Yaoi Pictionary
The classic game of Pictionary with a very Yaoi twist.

Yaoi Yakuza
The Yaoi Yakuza has taken over. We need Semes and Ukes to save Tokyo.