Artist Alley Information:

The Artist Alley is located in the Grand Ballroom, in the same space as the Dealer’s Hall. You must have a convention badge in order to enter the alley unless you are in the process of setting up your booth, in which case you should make a reasonable effort to secure your badge once setup is complete. The room will be locked and watched overnight.

Artists and any attendee who preregistered may pick up their badges starting Thursday from 5pm to 8pm in the Grand Foyer. There will be a separate table for Artists’ badge pickup. Setup begins at noon on Friday and runs until the room opens at 3pm. Teardown begins at 4pm on Sunday and runs until 6pm.

Artist Alley Hours:

Friday: 3pm – 8pm
Saturday: 11am – 8pm
Sunday: 11am – 4pm

Attending Artists:

  • A01 – Silvered Fox Creations – cat/fox ears, buttons, badges
  • A02 – Opia – prints, original comics, lanyards, keychains, pencil cases, dakimakura
  • A03 – Cambrasine – prints, buttons, stickers, acrylic charms/keychains, pocket mirrors, stamps, coin purses, jewelry, and more
  • A04 – Bal Flanagan (tumblr) -original comics/fanwork zines, prints, buttons, accessories, and on-spot commissions
  • A05 – F. Lee – original comics, prints, plushes
  • A06 – Poiizu – original and fanart prints, stickers, postcards, handcrafted pillows, tote bags, charms, and shirts
  • A07 – Mao – prints, doujinshi, pillow cases, buttons
  • A08 – Dechanique – original comics, fanart, pins, and charms
  • A09 – Jack Gross (Lucky Juice Press) – doujinshi, original comics, prints, keychains
  • A10 – Lucid (Avialae)- original BL/yaoi manga/comics, doujinshi, prints, keychains, plushes
  • A11 – Ria Martinez – prints, clothes, tote bags, stickers, zines and charms
  • A12 – Ichi – prints, zines & fan books, keychains, buttons, stickers
  • A13 – azureverie & theartsofvictory – prints, comics, keychains, buttons, stickers, tote bags
  • A14 – Lauren – prints, buttons, and commissions
  • A15 – Soltian – original and fanart prints, keychains, buttons, zines
  • A16 – Cierra – prints, keychains, buttons, small bags
  • A17 – Kamaniki – prints, doujinshi, buttons, keychains
  • A18 – Pokey – prints
  • A19 – Lycorine – prints, stickers, lanyards, buttons, and commissions
  • A20 – YOSB – art books, doujinshi, commissions, prints, postcards, bookmarks, stickers, stationary, pouches, lanyards, charms, keychains, pennants, mirrors, buttons, accessories, plushes
  • A21 – Cosumosu – prints, postcards, zines/books, buttons, keychains
  • A22 – PurplePandaProductions – prints, keychains, buttons, decoden boxes, flower crowns, hair bows, notepads, pencil cases
  • A23 – Taylor’s Maid Designs – original and fan art, buttons/magnets, keychain/phone charms, notebooks, greeting cards, flower crowns, jewelry
  • A24 – Rebecca Mock / Procrusher – prints, comics
  • A24 – kupobox – prints, zines, buttons
  • A25 – Pandy Apparel – clothing, buttons, prints
  • A26 – Darien Chen – prints, commissions, and artwork
  • A27 – TeaScript – webcomics, doujinshi, prints, and charms
  • A29 – blistered/rei – comics, prints/postcards, adoptable character designs
  • A29 – GreyZCat – prints
  • A31 – BakaPandy – printed goods, bookmarks, keychains, buttons
  • A31 – Midtier Art – prints, keychains, stickers, commissions
  • A32 – Magical Boy Basil – prints, posters, similar paper-based products
  • A32 – daifei (portfolio 2)- original zines, original prints, fanart prints, charms, and buttons
  • A33 – Frostyshark (Stay) – prints, original comics, commissions, bookmarks, stickers, pencil bags, shirts, pillow cases
  • A34 – Skullcat Studios – original comics, original artwork and fan art, plushies

Alley Rules and Restrictions:

Artists may only sell works that they have created. No commercial goods will be allowed at Artist tables.


Tables are SOLD OUT.

By registering, you agree to the terms and conditions found in the BishounenCon Artist’s Packet. Questions can be directed to Candie at