Staff Application is up!

Have you staffed other anime, comics, or gaming conventions? Do you have a passion for queer comics and media and want to share your passion with other fans? Do you love beautiful men? Are you (relatively) local to the convention hotel or willing to travel? If you answered yes to two or more of the above questions, please head over to our Staff Application and apply to help create the greatest LGBT convention the East Coast has ever seen!

(Images above from YaoiCon 2015. On the left, bishounen interact with attendees. On the right, staff members prepare for an evening event.)

Welcome to our brand new East Coast convention!

We’re excited to announce a creation from the boys love-obsessed YaoiCon management and staff: BishounenCon, a convention both familiar and new especially for YaoiCon fans on the East Coast! Many of our fans who don’t live on the West Coast have asked when we’ll be bringing YaoiCon to them. The answer is: we’ve got something even better! We’ve created an 18+ convention just for you. (Of course, West Coast fans are always welcome, too, as East Coast fans are welcome at YaoiCon!)

Come celebrate our 15th birthday at YaoiCon 2016 and then head over to Rhode Island for some great BishounenCon fun in early March 2017, just in time for spring break!