January Announcements!

Dealers and Artists Alley are SOLD OUT!

We will not be accepting any new applications. All accepted Dealers/Artists have already been notified. You can find a list of our confirmed Dealers and Artists on their respective pages. (If you are a Dealer/Artist and don’t see your name on that page, email covarla@gmail.com to make sure we’ve received your payment.)

Panel/Event deadline is January 13!

Want to run an event? The deadline is almost here. Head over to bishounen.anpanels.com and register your event ASAP. Time is running out!

Staff/Volunteer Applications are still open!

We’re still seeking a few good staff and volunteers to help make this year’s BishounenCon a success. The areas most in need of experienced staff are A/V and Security, but even if you don’t have previous con experience we welcome enthusiastic volunteers! Sign up here.