January Announcements!

Dealers and Artists Alley are SOLD OUT!

We will not be accepting any new applications. All accepted Dealers/Artists have already been notified. You can find a list of our confirmed Dealers and Artists on their respective pages. (If you are a Dealer/Artist and don’t see your name on that page, email covarla@gmail.com to make sure we’ve received your payment.)

Panel/Event deadline is January 13!

Want to run an event? The deadline is almost here. Head over to bishounen.anpanels.com and register your event ASAP. Time is running out!

Staff/Volunteer Applications are still open!

We’re still seeking a few good staff and volunteers to help make this year’s BishounenCon a success. The areas most in need of experienced staff are A/V and Security, but even if you don’t have previous con experience we welcome enthusiastic volunteers! Sign up here.

Important Announcement for Staff and Volunteers!

Due to a change in BishounenCon’s administration, applications for staff and volunteer have gotten lost during this transition. We sincerely apologize for this inconvenience and we cannot thank you all enough for your patience on this matter. To those still wanting to be part of BishounenCon’s staff/volunteers, please resend your applications again through the BishounenCon website! Staff and volunteers will still receive the benefits listed on the application page, such as a weekend badge and meals.

On behalf of BishounenCon, we are truly grateful to those of you willing to offer your assistance for our first year! Together with your help, we hope to give the East Coast an unforgettable YaoiCon experience!

Staff Application is up!

Have you staffed other anime, comics, or gaming conventions? Do you have a passion for queer comics and media and want to share your passion with other fans? Do you love beautiful men? Are you (relatively) local to the convention hotel or willing to travel? If you answered yes to two or more of the above questions, please head over to our Staff Application and apply to help create the greatest LGBT convention the East Coast has ever seen!

(Images above from YaoiCon 2015. On the left, bishounen interact with attendees. On the right, staff members prepare for an evening event.)