Welcome to BishounenCon 2017!

BishounenCon is upon us! The schedule grid is available here.

Times and locations are noted in the event descriptions in the program book, with the following changes:


Hanky Code Hide & Seek prizes will be awarded 3pm Sunday in Tiverton.

Some panels were listed as being in Tikerton. The correct room name is Tiverton.

20 Questions has been moved to 3pm Friday in the Rotunda.

Bishounen After Dark runs from 11pm Friday to midnight in Tiverton.

Bishounen Bingo runs from 3pm Sunday to 4:30pm in Bristol AB.

Saturday Schedule Changes:

6pm (Tiverton) – Costumes, Cosplay, And Character has been replaced by How Not to Write Bad Fic due to the original panelist being unable to attend.

7pm (Tiverton) – Morphsuits! Should I Cosplay That? has been replaced by Fanfic to Pro due to the original panelist being unable to attend.

7pm (Wickford) – History of Bara has been replaced by Bad Fic Theater due to a cancellation by the original panelist.

Additional Panel Descriptions:

Writing a Comic Script – Care and Feeding of Your Comic Book Artist
Saturday, 5-6pm – Wickford
Script writers from Yaoi Revolution will demonstrate (with images!) the process of conceiving, organizing, writing, and editing a one-shot comic script for publication. Clear and concise communication with your artist is key to success. How to avoid pitfalls and common problems inherent with the doujinshi format comic book. We will describe our solutions to common problems such as: diverse stylistic expectations, narrative consistency, Asian vs Western page orientation, language barriers, artist deadline drama, writer mania, and more! With Q&A!

How to Not Write Badfic
Saturday, 6pm – Tiverton
A discussion of common errors in fanfiction and how to avoid them. Questions welcome.

Fanfic to Pro
Saturday, 7pm – Tiverton
Our panelists will discuss the process of going from fanfic writer to professional author.

Bad Fic Theater
Saturday, 7pm – Wickford
Dramatic readings of fanfic so bad it’s good.

3 thoughts on “Welcome to BishounenCon 2017!”

  1. love to know if you guys coming back next year. seems I cant get an answer any where. One post in Facebook ssaid you be back next year. but nothing after that. Msgs go unanswered about it as well.

      1. sad to hear that. thank-you for letting me know. I can now pass the info on to my friends who were asking about it as well.

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